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The GF90 Team




He holds a Degree in Physical Therapy along with being a National Strength and COnditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, NSTA and Newton Certified Running Coach, Certified Resist-A-Ball C.O.R.E Instructor, Certified Nutirtion Specialist, 1st Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo and extensive continued education courses related to health and fitness. Sherman's goal and mission is to Educate, Motivate, and Guide individuals to a healthier lifestyle in achieving their potential level of fitness.


She knows that with proper technique exercising is for everyone. She cheered professionally for a company called UCA for nearly 5 years before graduating with her bachelors in Exercise Science. Deanna is certified by AFAA for Group Exercise and is determined to help as many people as possible reach their goals. She is always high energy and will keep you motivated.



Jenn has a serious love for health and fitness. She is a certified trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and a certified P90X trainer. She's working to further her career of helping others to be their best and feel their best, along with inspiring those I come in contact with.


He has BS in exercise science and a MS in nutritional science from Florida State University. Bill is a certified personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine and a Teaching Assistant (TA) at FSU. Bill has taught Science of Nutrition as well and Anatomy and Physiology I at FSU for the last two years as he finishes his research in the Department of Food, Nutrition, and Exercise Sciences. Through course work and continuing education, Bill stays up to date on current trends in the health and fitness world. As a former competitive athlete Bill enjoys the confidence and well being that can be attained by physical activity and has enjoyed teaching others how they can achieve this in their own lives. Bill dedicates his time to teaching progressive plans toward personal health and fitness to his clients and those that wish to improve their current lifestyle.


Teri Lovins (DanceTrance)


Teri has been an avid dancer since her childhood. She has years of professional dance training and performance experience in tap, jazz, classical ballet, hip hop and ballroom. She has shared her love of dance through her teaching of beginner dance students and adults and in her choreography of numerous dance routines, theatrical productions and local music videos. She also has organized and managed free dance programs within her community which provided dance classes and dance shoes to underprivileged children.

Teri graduated from University of Florida and also works in the Film and TV production industry. Shooting in different locations has required her to travel to other cities and states. In an effort to stay fit and healthy while traveling, she searched for a fun workout program that could meet her fitness needs, satisfy her passion for dance and be available in other areas. She was happy to find Dance Trance and it's many locations. She has been attending Dance Trance classes for years.
Not only do Dance Trance classes meet her individual workout needs, but as a Certified Primary Group Fitness Instructor with AFAA,Terifound they also meet the high standards expected of a group cardio fitness program.




Hather is a WellCoaches Certified Wellness Coach and ACE Certified Personal Trainer specializing in holistic wellness for individuals and families. You can find her speaking to community groups about creating sustainable healthy change in their lives, read her writing about raising health and active children, or join in her work creating healthier workplaces as past PResident of Working Well, Inc. a non-profit organization that helps companies design and deliver effective employee wellness programs.